Graphite Hi Tech

Graphite Hi Tech is an Italian company specialized in the production of graphite products.

With a know-how of over twenty years, Graphite Hi Tech carries out productions and processes on behalf of third parties using the technologies of its machinery, equipped with the most advanced EDM and CNC systems.
It’s possible to create on request specific 3D models of molds in graphite and composite material and other types of carbon solutions for R&D and for cutting-edge prototyping.

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In the catalog of graphite solutions you will find indications and information on Graphite Hi Tech products, such as: graphite crucibles for static and electric furnaces, for investment casting and graphite dies for continuous casting, graphite ingot molds for bars and ingots, casting, plates for welding and accessories in graphite, ceramics and refractories, thermal insulators, thermocouples and measuring instruments, sheaths for thermocouples.


Graphite Hi Tech realizes specific 3D models (carbon fiber composite materials) and on request, detailed analysis of the materials made using accredited laboratories.


Graphite Hi Tech, thanks to the knowledge acquired over the years, is able to create any object and / or application in carbon.